About Jess

Welcome to Mile High Jess!

When I started this blog about eight years ago, it was purely as a way to keep my friends and family updated on training for my second marathon. I was training with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Association’s Team in Training Program and working hard to raise money for the cause. Over the years it’s transformed into more of a lifestyle blog where I share the ins and outs of my life as a runner, wife, mother of two beautiful kids and 30-ish year old woman.

I’m originally from Nebraska but was raised in Colorado. I went to Colorado State University where I met my husband Josh. He’s pretty amazing. We got married on October 11, 2008. Though it was the only cold, rainy and snowy day in Denver that entire month, it was one of the best days of my life.

Right around that time I decided I wanted to become a runner. The day I ran a mile continuously was a huge day for me. I decided to go big when I signed up to run my first marathon with Team in Training. I got so into the program that I ran three other races with the organization. Since then I’ve completed several more half marathons and another marathon. Running is now my favorite form of exercise and therapy.

After spending a few years running half and full marathons and traveling, we decided we were ready to have kids. Our sweet Ella was born on July 3, 2011. She is my little mini-me, spunky, independent, yet very loving. She is definitely an oldest child.

Our cuddly Anderson was born on August 11, 2013. He is a momma’s boy through and through. He cracks me up on a daily basis and is currently obsessed with dinosaurs, jungle animals and trucks.

We relocated from Colorado to the Twin Cities two years ago. In a quest to make new friends I joined my local chapter of Moms Run This Town. This group is so much more than a running group. I’ve found friends, training partners and so much love and support.

Next up, training for the Boston Marathon after qualifying in May 2016!

Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “About Jess

  1. Hi! I just found your blog after you posted the link in a babycenter post about being a working mom and wanted to introduce myself! I live in Laramie, WY so we’re neighbors and I am really wanting to take up running too but, like you when you started running, not because I enjoy it. I just want something I can routinely do that is good for my health! I have two kids – a son born in September 2010 and a daughter born in May 2012. I work full-time as an accountant. I’m wondering if you have any tips for starting out with my running habit?

    • Hi Nichole! Thanks for coming over to visit. What really helped me in the beginning was starting off slow and setting small goals. This was especially helpful when I starting running again postpartum. I started with a program like the Couch to 5k (C25K). That way I had a goal and I had a plan for running each week. Once I was able to run a mile without walking, my next goal was to run two miles with out walking (or not feeling like I may die) and so on and so forth. It was not at all about pace in the beginning, just trying to build endurance. Feel free to shoot me an email at walker.jessa@gmail.com.

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