My Baby Is One

My sweet baby boy turned one on Monday and obviously loved his birthday crown.

Birthday boy

I am honestly astonished at how fast his first year flew by. It seemed the anticipation of his birth far outlasted this past year. When I groggily woke up to his cries for me around 2 am, picking him up and pulling him into bed with me, I got choked up thinking how much he’s grown and changed.

At a more reasonable hour Josh and I did a little birthday decorating around the apartment (ugh, we’ve now spent three birthdays here). When Anderson woke up and I brought him into the living room to say good morning, he gawked at the decorations, pointing and trying to grab the streamers. He loved it.

He, Ella and I enjoyed blueberry pancakes and some Disney tunes as we waited for his birthday banana cake to finish baking before running a last minute errand to Target. It’s almost as if he realized he could get away with most anything on his first birthday. He ate up his favorite lunch (mac and cheese) before settling in on my lap for a little pre-nap nursing. The apartment was so quiet with Ella in bed and Lucky snoozing on his bed. It was just the two of us, looking at each other, studying each other’s faces, just as we had exactly a year prior.

A sly little smile crossed his face as he doozed off momentarily. Of course as soon as I put him in his bed, he woke up and protested any form of napping that did not include me. I gave in, taking everyone for a walk when the rainy weather cleared.

We had a little family celebration. There was another favorite meal of his (grilled cheese, carrots and blueberries), cake and gifts.

I took my time putting him to sleep that evening. Extra cuddles were necessary for me and for him. I just need a moment longer to hold onto my baby who is growing faster than I thought possible. It feels like he was just the slightly red and bruised baby who was awaiting a name, that I met on a cool summer morning in August.

Maybe it’s the difference between having two to focus on rather than one, or maybe the months are going faster – but time needs to slow the hell down.

The Dawn of a New Decade


photo (1)

Today I am 30 years old. Remember when that was old, you know, like five years ago? I’d say that I am officially an adult now. I know that I have been for years now, but no longer do I have the excuse of being in my learning about life period.

As I enter this new decade and new phase in my life, it’s fitting that we are now in a new place with a world of opportunity. The opportunity for me to work part-time from home and be more of a full-time mom, find a new ‘dream’ house, make new friends and bond more with my family.

This morning I woke up early to go for a run. To have some me time and think about all that I’ve seen, done and experienced so far. When I got home, Josh had done a little decorating.

photo 1 (1)

He is excited that I’m finally 30, after me teasing him for years about being in his 30s. After he left for work I got myself cleaned up and was treated to huge birthday hugs from my sweet Ella. I think she is almost as excited as she would be for her own birthday. Of course she was disappointed when I told her we would not be having cake for breakfast.

The rest of the morning we spent at story time where Ella made me a butterfly for me. “It’s a very special day and you need a pink butterfly pretty mommy, Happy birthday, I love you,” she said. Melt my heart.

photo 2 (1)

I’m sitting in the still of our apartment now. My two biggest accomplishments snoozing away and Lucky at my feet. I think we’ll go to the park this afternoon and bask in the sunshine as we play by a nearby lake before Josh takes us out to dinner after work.


This is my kind of day.

I thought I would dread hitting 30. You know what? I’m kind of excited about it.


Staycation With the Girls

We’re down to our final week of living in Colorado. Our days in the state are numbered, as are the days until my 30th. Currently 15 to be exact. Seeing as how we will be in Minnesota on my actual birthday and have will known pretty much no one, Josh suggested I celebrate with some friends before we leave. I originally wanted to have a huge birthday party or fly off to NYC for the weekend, but neither one of those options were really feasible. Instead we spent a weekend having a little staycation.

Saturday morning I met a few of my friends at The Brown Palace in downtown Denver for a little pampering. Greeted by a mimosa, I knew it was going to be just the relaxing morning I needed.


Mimosa in hand and comfy robe on, we all chatted in the lounge before one by one, we were taken off to our services. Kailen, Kirsten and I started with our nails as the other girls got massages or facials.

photo 1

After nails were done, I got an amazing, somewhat painful massage. I really do carry stress in my shoulders. We all finished up around noon and felt refreshed and relaxed.


As we were walking to my favorite little place in LoDo The Market for lunch, a sign appeared.

Signs Everywhere

I take this as our move being meant to be. Between this, selling our house so fast and Ella’s favorite daycare teacher deciding to move home to Minnesota (YEAY!), I don’t think things could be falling into place any better.

We devoured huge pieces of cake with our lunches and said goodbye to Kailen and Jill. Obviously after such a strenuous morning we were exhausted.  We checked into our suite for some R&R before getting ourselves ready for a night out.

Re-energized and showered, Rachael, Sarah, Kirsten and I headed to dinner. It was a beautiful night for some rooftop dining and to enjoy the bottle of wine Josh had sent to the table as a surprise.

Rooftop dinner

It was pretty early and we weren’t ready to head back to the hotel yet so we stopped at a bar on the way back to the hotel. The name of it escapes me at the moment but they had all sorts of infused vodkas. I wasn’t brave enough for some of them, but Sarah and Rache were all over the pickle shots.

The Girls

I think I’m getting too old for shots, but my root beer infused vodka was pretty tasty. We hung out there for a while chatting and people watching. Our favorites were the neon clothed group and a guy carrying around a rugby ball. To each their own.

With our fill of people watching we decided to hit one more bar on our walk. We got so caught up talking and laughing that we walked right by the bars and ended up at the hotel. I had enough anyway. We went up to the room and spent more time talking before I had to get in bed.

At 5:45 the next morning I was wide awake. my body now believes if I get five hours of continuous sleep, I have had enough. That and the girls were so engorged I was in pain. 14oz later, I still couldn’t fall back to sleep. I got dressed, put on my shoes and hit the fitness center for a five mile run. It was slow and I was not feeling hot, but I’m so glad I ran.

Everyone was up by the time I was back and showered. We ate a tasty breakfast then headed our seperate ways. I’m going to see most of them next weekend, but Rache will be out of town. There were long hugs and tears when I dropped her off at her house. Ugh, I’m going to be a mess this week.

I’m so glad I got to spend some quality time with them.


Happy Birthday to Josh

Josh was feeling a little meh about his birthday this year. We thought that we should do something to make him feel a little extra special for his birthday. Last week I took Ella to the Dollar Store. I told her she could pick anything she wanted to give to Daddy for his birthday. She had so much fun picking things out to give him. With everything costing only a dollar, I was happy to oblige. Here’s what she picked out in addition to the hats and banner.

Gifts from Ella

Gifts were just a part of the celebration. Anderson and I met Josh for some delicious Thai food for lunch to break up his work day. When we got home it was down to business.

birthday setup Mommy and Anderson

I finished up Josh’s birthday cake and made Moussaka, which he had requested for dinner.

When he got home Ella ran up gave him a huge hug and yelled happy birthday! Immediately he was directed to put on the birthday hat she picked out for him because we were having a birthday party.

Daddy and kids

After dinner we all sang Happy Birthday and ate cake before Josh opened his gifts.

A birthday success!

blowing out candles

Happy 32nd Birthday Lovie!

Happy Second Birthday to Ella!

We officially have a toddler on our hands. ella 2 years 2 Ella 2 years Happy Birthday to our smart, beautiful, funny, attention-loving Ella.

Last night I spent longer than I’d like to admit making special ladybug choc-o-late (as Ella says) cupcakes for Ella to share with her friends at school. They are not quite Pinterest worthy, but hey, it’s the thought and effort that count right?

I opened the door to her room this morning to sneak a peek of our big girl before I headed off to work. Much to my surprise she was standing in her crib with a big smile on her face. I think she was excited to start the first day of her third year. Lots of hugs and kisses later I forced myself to head to work.

I felt guilty for not being able to take off her birthday this year. Luckily my boss was nice enough to let me head out early to catch the mini birthday celebration this afternoon and attend the school 4th of July BBQ.

IMG_3152 IMG_3164

After our fill of fun with her school friends, we headed home for some dinner and presents. We thought momentarily about making something special or taking her out, but her eating habits are so unpredictable we decided that ice cream was the best idea.




I think she enjoyed it.

Her favorite present is definitely her new bike! Immediately upon opening it she told us she needed her helmet and ran to get it.


She did surprisingly well even without our help. She did love putting her feet up and having Josh push her.

I think we had a successful birthday. We’re having a small BBQ at home this week to celebrate. Definitely toning it down from last year.

I cannot believe Ella is two. Time needs to slow down!