Typical Weekend These Days

Summertime is by far my favorite time of the year. It’s warm, there’s sunshine and the daylight seems to last forever. I suppose the latter is only good for me, not so much for getting Ella to sleep. She has down the Frozen quote “The sky is awake, so I’m awake.” That’s neither here nor there.

Since arriving three weeks ago, we’ve had a lot of rain. Like record rainfall – over four inches last Thursday. Unfortunately for Josh, much of this rainfall has come on the weekends. Not this weekend, well Saturday.

I spent my early Saturday morning hours with some mother runners getting in my long run for the week. We breezed through 11 miles chatting away about kids, training, life in Minnesota and house hunting (don’t even get me started on how much I loath house hunting right now). We were lucky enough to see a handful of deer, a few pheasants and hear birds chirping as we ran through the Elm Creek Reserve.

ELm Creek Park Trail

When I got home about 9:30, we packed up the kids, some snacks and towels, and made our way over to a lake. Minnesota problems – deciding which of the two lakes within 1.5 miles of us we wanted to go to. We decided on Shady Oak. Great decision, we all played in the sand and water, laughing as fish circled our legs.

photo 6 photo 7 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

As lunch time approached, we decided we better get home and feed everyone so that we could do nap time. After naptime we met our friends Peter and Rachel for the German Festival at an old brewery in St. Paul. I really enjoyed my pretzel and beer.

german festival

A couple people were doing balloon animals and such for tips. Ella requested a necklace. The first failed attempt got her a dog too. Unfortunately the dog popped, well part of it, and looked rather phallic, so we had to throw that away. Didn’t want Ella walking around holding a penis shaped balloon.

We left the festival and enjoyed dinner outside at a little restaurant near Peter and Rachel’s house in Minneapolis. By the time we finished dinner and gone to get ice cream, it was already after 9. We had no idea how the time flew by. Summer nights are the best!

Sunday we woke to rain which disrupted our plans to go to a baseball game. Of course it cleared after we’d already decided not to go. There will be plenty more to go to. It ended up being a lazy day after we decided to forego looking at houses since we only had mild interest in the new listings.

As much as I miss Colorado, weekends like this are really nice.

Staycation With the Girls

We’re down to our final week of living in Colorado. Our days in the state are numbered, as are the days until my 30th. Currently 15 to be exact. Seeing as how we will be in Minnesota on my actual birthday and have will known pretty much no one, Josh suggested I celebrate with some friends before we leave. I originally wanted to have a huge birthday party or fly off to NYC for the weekend, but neither one of those options were really feasible. Instead we spent a weekend having a little staycation.

Saturday morning I met a few of my friends at The Brown Palace in downtown Denver for a little pampering. Greeted by a mimosa, I knew it was going to be just the relaxing morning I needed.


Mimosa in hand and comfy robe on, we all chatted in the lounge before one by one, we were taken off to our services. Kailen, Kirsten and I started with our nails as the other girls got massages or facials.

photo 1

After nails were done, I got an amazing, somewhat painful massage. I really do carry stress in my shoulders. We all finished up around noon and felt refreshed and relaxed.


As we were walking to my favorite little place in LoDo The Market for lunch, a sign appeared.

Signs Everywhere

I take this as our move being meant to be. Between this, selling our house so fast and Ella’s favorite daycare teacher deciding to move home to Minnesota (YEAY!), I don’t think things could be falling into place any better.

We devoured huge pieces of cake with our lunches and said goodbye to Kailen and Jill. Obviously after such a strenuous morning we were exhausted.  We checked into our suite for some R&R before getting ourselves ready for a night out.

Re-energized and showered, Rachael, Sarah, Kirsten and I headed to dinner. It was a beautiful night for some rooftop dining and to enjoy the bottle of wine Josh had sent to the table as a surprise.

Rooftop dinner

It was pretty early and we weren’t ready to head back to the hotel yet so we stopped at a bar on the way back to the hotel. The name of it escapes me at the moment but they had all sorts of infused vodkas. I wasn’t brave enough for some of them, but Sarah and Rache were all over the pickle shots.

The Girls

I think I’m getting too old for shots, but my root beer infused vodka was pretty tasty. We hung out there for a while chatting and people watching. Our favorites were the neon clothed group and a guy carrying around a rugby ball. To each their own.

With our fill of people watching we decided to hit one more bar on our walk. We got so caught up talking and laughing that we walked right by the bars and ended up at the hotel. I had enough anyway. We went up to the room and spent more time talking before I had to get in bed.

At 5:45 the next morning I was wide awake. my body now believes if I get five hours of continuous sleep, I have had enough. That and the girls were so engorged I was in pain. 14oz later, I still couldn’t fall back to sleep. I got dressed, put on my shoes and hit the fitness center for a five mile run. It was slow and I was not feeling hot, but I’m so glad I ran.

Everyone was up by the time I was back and showered. We ate a tasty breakfast then headed our seperate ways. I’m going to see most of them next weekend, but Rache will be out of town. There were long hugs and tears when I dropped her off at her house. Ugh, I’m going to be a mess this week.

I’m so glad I got to spend some quality time with them.


A celebration is in order

This is my friend Jill smiling just before starting her first chemo treatment.

Jill Chemo

That funny thing on her head is a cold cap that restricts the blood vessels in your scalp to try to prevent the toxins from getting to your hair follicles. Experimental, but it has worked and she’s kept her hair.

Over the past several months, Jill has undergone chemo every few weeks. Today is her final round of chemotherapy. Throughout the entire treatment process she and her husband John have remained ever positive, happy and caring. I’ve been so impressed by her strength and bravery. I’m lucky to count her as a friend.

Radiation is still to come, but today is a day to celebrate. It’s going to be a good day. Happy Last Day of Chemo Jill!

Super Sunday

Super. It was a super Sunday in Colorado this week. The Super Bowl excitement was in full swing and I had a long run planned. It was going to be a great day, I knew it when I went to bed on Saturday night.

About that…

Ella woke up screaming about having a bad dream at about 5am. Josh got her to quiet back down as Anderson had just woken up about 15 minutes earlier and was eating. She started screaming again about a half hour later. Being it was the weekend, I was really trying to get to sleep in until at least 7. I picked Ella and her blanket up and we tucked ourselves into the bed in the guest room. For about a half hour so she laid with me before telling me she need to pee and wanted waffles. You just can refuse when a two year old says that.

We ate our breakfast together, ran out in snow boots as fast as we could to collect the paper from the driveway without slipping and colored a big picture from her Sesame Street coloring book before the boys woke up. I was dragging by the time I was ready to go do the long run I’d been looking forward to all week, knowing it was going to be inside because it was too snowy and icy outside.

I forced myself out the door and by my third mile I was feeling great! When the treadmill cut me off at the hour mark, I had already covered almost 6.5 miles. I ate some fruit snacks, drank my Nuuns and started it up for a few more miles. By 1:30 I’d covered 10 miles at around a 9:30 pace. It’s nice to know that endurance should not going to be a problem for the half in May, especially if I can go 10 miles on one pack of fruit snacks. I do need to work on speed if I’m going to get my sub 1:50.

With a run under my belt I was excited to go to the Annual Gilbert Super Bowl Party.

Anderson Super Bowl

Jess and Anderson Josh and Anderson SB

Unfortunately we ended up having to laugh at the comedy of errors that was the Broncos game. At least we got to eat good food…and eat I did. Ella had fun playing with the kids and liked watching a movie rather than the game. Can’t blame her.

We had a great time and maybe, just maybe the Broncos can do it again, with a win, next year.

Fall has arrived

The mornings are cool, leaves are starting to change and the sun is setting earlier every day. This weekend we had a very busy schedule of fall festivities.

Friday was Longmont’s annual Oktoberfest. We weren’t sure if they were still going to have it with all the flooding but instead of cancelling it, they moved forward with it making it a fundraiser to assist the flood victims. Josh partook in a stein holding contest:

He was in the top four before his arm gave out. After the contest, it was time for face painting and some snacks.


Of course a beer for mommy too. Luckily Ella didn’t scold me telling me that beer is only for daddy this time.

We listened to some polka music and headed home to get some rest.

Saturday we took it easy in the morning. I slept in a little bit, after being up with Anderson the entire night before. My friend Jill came over and we went for a run around my neighborhood. It was nice to have a running buddy. I cannot find my Garmin, very distressing, so I don’t know pace or anything but we covered 3 miles only having to take one walk break. More on postpartum running this time around to come.

I hurriedly got cleaned up and we went to our last baseball game of the season. It was the perfect September night for America’s pastime.



It was a late night. We got home around 10 pm. We all slept in, even Ella on Sunday morning. After breakfast we were joined by our friends Cassie and Monte, plus their two kiddos, at a local apple orchard. The kids had a good time filling our baskets with apples and feeding cores to the horses an donkeys.



By the time our Sunday evening walk was over, we were all exhausted. It was a great weekend.