Well that’s gross

It appears that for the first time we’ve been hit by yuckiness picked up from daycare. Boy are we lucky.

Thursday poor Miss Ella was throwing up. I mean projectile all over her, all over mean, nastiness. I found myself more scared than grossed out because she was refusing to nurse or take a bottle. I thought, I wouldn’t want to eat either. But then she started getting super lethargic, to the point that she was going completely limp while sitting up. That’s where the scary part comes in. Josh and I broke down and pulled out a syringe which we forced into her dry little mouth, squirting Pedialyte and breast milk. We thought we were going to have to rush her to the hospital. Thankfully, by the time we put her to bed she was not nearly as lethargic and the vomiting was done or so I thought.

Wake up Saturday morning. We take Ella to see Santa. She did great even though I’m pretty sure Santa had way too much egg nog. As we were standing in line, Josh went pale and said he was feeling sick. We get home, guess who was sick? Oh yeah. I washed my hands like a mad woman all day, stayed as far away from him as a could with the hope that I’d avoid getting the nasty bug.

Hello 2:00 am. Guess who was preying at the altar of the porcelain god? Yep, you guessed it. There went my big plan for a nice long run in the beautiful 50 degree weather today. I’ve been couch bound all day trying to do my best to stay hydrated. I’m lucky Josh was feeling a lot better, because I haven’t even had the strength to lift Ella. It’s bad, really bad. I feel absolutely awful.

Tomorrow was a planned day off for me. Ella and I are supposed to attend tea at The Brown Palace. We’ll see what happens. For everyone’s sake, I hope no one else gets this!

Don’t worry, I know CPR

Last weekend Josh and I took a class in infant and child CPR. Considering they were teaching us lifesaving techniques the class was fairly short, about 4 hours or so and took place in the room I typically have prenatal yoga in.

The class consisted of watching videos on various scenarios, learning how to use an epi-pen and of course learning the heimlich and CPR.  Not going to lie, in the event of an emergency I feel like I’d be more likely to call 911 immediately then shout out, “I know CPR. I can help!”

We practiced on the adult dummies first. It was hard! Of course on a real human it would be difficult and exhausting as well. That is until their ribs broke and compressions were a bit easier. Next up were the babies. This was significantly easier, but all of a sudden I thought, will I remember any of this if Peanut starts choking or stops breathing? I immediately thought of my sister-in-law Amber having to jump up and try to remove a small chip that her daughter was choking on. It was alarming for sure but she was all of it. Granted she is also a trained nurse, but thinking about that made me confident that if our child started choking without thinking I’d jump into action.

If nothing else we now have some valuable skills that could potentially save a life, or at least help the man, woman or child in distress until help arrives.  I think it’s always better to be overprepared rather than underprepared.

The Luckiest

I’m the luckiest. I have such a wonderful husband. Look what he sent me just because…

Oh yeah and after happy hour with some of my favorite ladies I went for a run. Not going to lie my ankle and calf hurt the entire time…not horribly but I could feel them like a sore muscle. First time I felt like I could have just kept making laps around my neighborhood.  It really is amazing the difference between dreadmill and outdoors. I think I finally settled into a pace that was sustainable for me…at least for now. Need to bump it up to reach my half marathon goal.
Time: 39:45 mins.   Distance: 4.14 miles    Avg. Pace: 9:36 min/miles

Tempo Tuesday

I did my first tempo run in months last night.  I was pretty stoked about it. Josh and I headed to the gym because it was about a million degrees outside and in our unconditioned house. Even our humid gym felt pretty good. I wasn’t planning on doing a tempo but after 5 minutes on the dreadmill I knew I needed some variety to get me through my 4 miles I planned to do.  I was one of those people last night….yes I ran in just my sports bra.  Well and of course shorts, etc. It was just so hot after the first mile and weighing passing out and being flung off the back of the dreadmill into the elliptical machines vs. showing some skin, I figured it was the lesser of the two evils. Here’s how it went:

Mile 1-10 min/mile
Mile 2-8:57 min/mile
Mile 3-8:57 min/mile
Mile 4-10 min/mile

Distance: 4 miles    Time: 37:55 mins    Avg. Pace: 9:29 min/mile

Amazingly I wasn’t even dying running a sub-9 min/mile. There may be hope for me yet. I picked up my orthoditics yesterday. I was instructed not to run with them until I can walk in them comfortably for 7-8 hours at a time. When we got back to the gym I put my sweaty feet into my need to be retired Asiacs and wore them for about an hour. I figured some sweat should help me break them in a bit faster. Now I understand why I shouldn’t just run in them right away. They feel strange and are kind of hard so the bottoms of my feet were not happy.

Bit on the sore side today.  Knot in calf has reappeared and my ankle is tender.  Tonight is a cross-training day so Jillian Michaels is on deck to kick my ass.

Rolling with it

This week I found out my friend Heather is getting married! Yeay! She met her fiance Dan just a few months before Josh and I started dating at a house party we went to. I remember going back to the sorority house that night and talking about that cute guy she met. Last year they had their beautiful daughter Kylie and unfortunately I was unable to go to her baby shower since she lives in Boise…sad. Needless to say as soon as I got the date for her wedding I booked my flight to Boise!  I’ll be heading there the weekend of Sept. 17-19th…yep the weekend after getting back from Europe. I’m going to be one tired chica.  It’s also the same weekend as the Crossroads Half Marathon.  As excited as I was about the race, Heather’s wedding is way more important.  So my next half won’t be until October.

Last night I took to creating a training plan for myself with thoughts of training for the Arizona Rock N’ Roll Marathon which is in January.  Not that I really want to go support the state of Arizona and their ridiculous, racial profiling, anti-immigration law, but it’s an available winter marathon. Anyway, it’s that or Vegas which is in December but I won’t have vacation time until the start of the new year.  So I set out to create a training plan which is almost done. Heather just ran her first half so we’ll see if I can talk her into heading to Phoenix for the race with me. My plan is based off of the Runner’s World Less is More plan which has only 3 days of running. One speed workout, tempo run, and long run. It’s all about quality and not quantity which works well for me. I’m also going to continue to cross-train and take a couple rest days per week.  We’ll see how it goes.

Josh and I ran around our neighborhood last night. I have to say it was not my finest run.  It was only 3 miles but felt like eternity. It was my first outside run since Nashville and I could feel it. The treadmill is awesome because it keeps you at a steady pace. Last night my pace was all over the place. I ran as slow as 10 min/mile pace all the way up to 8:43 min/mile pace. Yeah, all over the place and panting the entire way. I’m not sure if Lucky’s tongue or mine was hanging out further.  I felt so out of shape. Of course Josh was there to remind me that I’ve been injured and I’m out there doing it. It’s going to take a little while for me to regain all my fitness. At least that is two runs this week for a total of 7 whole miles. Haha. I’m considering trying to get in a run early early tomorrow morning before we head to the lake but I’d have to be out the door at like 5, not sure that’s going to happen.