Boston Marathon Recap Part I {Expo and the Night Before}

After a mere four hours of sleep, I was wide awake at 6:30 am, anxious to get to the expo so I could hold my bib. With hours to go until that was even a possibility, I got cleaned up, ate my toast and requested my Lyft to the convention center.

As our driver started getting closer to the convention center, I started seeing signs for the marathon, Boston Strong signs and hoards of runners walking around with their celebration jackets on.


As we pulled up, I could see the finish line about a quarter mile in front of us. Walking into the convention center, I was on the verge of tears. Who had possessed me? I’m not one to get teary over packet pick-up.

We got in line with all the other eager runners and waited for the doors to open.


Once we were moving, the line went quickly. Before I knew it, I had my bib in hand and a tear on the verge of falling. We snapped some pictures before heading into the actual expo.

I went into the morning thinking I was going to buy all.the.stuff, but the official merchandise area was a zoo. Not wanting to waste energy on fighting the crowds, I grabbed a tank top, beer glass, a couple of Spike stuffed animals for the kids and got out of there.


After paying for those, I hit the KT Tape booth to have them tape my shoulder. It was pretty achy but once the tape was applied, it actually felt normal-ish. I walked around a bit more and picked up one more t-shirt. I was getting overwhelmed. Suddenly I became fearful that I was going to have a bunch of Boston Marathon stuff and then DNF. What would I do with it all if that happened? I stopped looking for anything else to buy, which I’m a bit bummed about. I should have bought the water bottle I wanted (only available at the expo), the license plate cover and  key chain that I need for my new car keys.

Done with the expo, it was finish line time. There were yellow daffodils in blue foiled pots lining the windows of the businesses all down Boylston.


The closer we got to the finish line, the more anxious I got. Again I started worrying about having my first DNF. I really had no reason to think I wouldn’t successfully finish the race, but my nerves were getting the best of me.


We crossed the street and there I was. Standing in front of the finish line I’d be crossing the next day. Of course we took a million pictures. And once again, I was all choked up. Who was this emotional basket case?


Pictures taken and crowds getting bigger, I was ready to leave. It was nearing 86 degrees. Not wanting to get dehydrated, and getting hungry, we swung by Whole Foods to pick up my bland food to make for my dinner that night. When we got back to the apartment, I ate my safe lunch and took a nap while the rest of the family went to enjoy delicious looking pizza.

A short while later, our friends Ryan and Claire arrived from Providence. We met up with the family and headed for a stroller through Boston Commons and the Public Garden. We even took a ride on a swan boat before walking across the street to Cheers. While I drank more water, we all discussed spectating plans for the race.

Shortly thereafter, we went back to our apartment, I made my sweet potato and pork chop with a side of toast with almond butter and jam. Super exciting. I laid out all my race stuff and pinned my bib to my tank top before sending Josh to get me some melatonin so I could actually fall asleep. Of course the next morning I ended up changing my shirt and having to repin it all over again. I seemed to get it on properly without any trouble the second time around.

pining bib

By 10:30 pm I was out…for a few hours. Then I was waking up every two hours, just in case I overslept.

What’s in a size?

I did something just for me last weekend. I went shopping and though I picked up a few things for Josh and Ella, it was all about me. Let me just tell you, aside from the blisters I got on my heel from bad shoes, it was awesome!

I cleaned up pretty well at Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and Gap. 

The goods include:

3 pairs of work pants
2 button down blouses
2 work appropriate tank tops
1 blazer
1 pair of shorts
1 long sleeved shirt
2 casual tanks
1 pair of new black heels
1 casual cardigan
1 workout tank

You know what the most exciting part for me was though.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you that is a 2 you’re seeing on those tags. I was shocked and I’m sure that it must just be vanity sizing but for the first time in my adult life I own clothing that is a size 2. My mouth literally dropped open when I was trying on pants at Ann Taylor and dresses at Gap. I kept asking the fitting room chick at Ann Taylor to bring me more pants because the two pairs I had must have been stitched incorrectly. I’m pretty sure she thought I was crazy.

Now I don’t consider myself petite or skinny, thinish sure, but not that small. I am 5’6″ tall and this morning I weighed 124.5 lbs, my natural waist is 26.5″, widest part of my hips (around my butt) 37.5 and my bust around 33 inches now. So I decided to Google and this great article from The New York Times popped up. I found it really interesting. I would be a size 12 back in the 30’s when sizes 0 didn’t even exist and a 2 was almost nonexistant.

Interesting isn’t it? It’s no wonder shopping at different stores is such a pain. Like the women in the article, I wear a 4-6 at American Eagle, 4 at Gap and Banana and up to a 8-10 in other brands. Though the size of my clothing shouldn’t matter because it’s about how I feel and how they fit me, it did kind of boost my body image. Good job Ann Taylor and Gap, you got me. I don’t know when or why women’s clothing started having different sizing than mens, but we should just got back to that. How much easier would it be to shop by size in inches?

Do you shop and certain stores because of their sizing?

When did I buy this?

Do you ever open your closet or dresser and say, ugh I have nothing to wear? That is me pretty much every day. It’s that phrase which is typically followed by, geez, I think I bought this in high school. Yes I still have clothes that I bought when I was in high school, working at Gap, almost 10 years ago. Eek.

I am in serious need of want an adult wardrobe. I look at the clothes that I have purchased in recent years and 90% of it is from Old Navy or Target. There is nothing wrong with that necessarily, because I love those stores, but the quality isn’t great and it’s starting to look dingy. The thing about this is I have a guilt problem.

I feel guilty spending a lot of money on myself for something that I want but don’t really need. For example, I don’t get my hair done, I don’t get my nails done, I don’t even buy expensive make-up. I look at the price tags attached to those things and automatically think, wow, that is a week of groceries or a tank of gas. I’m pretty sure it comes from growing up poor. I tell Josh he lucked out with me because I’m a low maintenance wife.

Do I really NEED a whole new wardrobe, eh probably not. Do I really WANT one, yes. I’d like to look like a put together adult, you know now that I’m nearing my 28th birthday. I said while I was pregnant that once I lost all my baby weight I was going to get a new wardrobe. That is done so now it’s time. For once I’m going to try to push those feelings of guilt aside and just do something that is selfish, just for me.

Applications for a personal stylist are now welcomes. 🙂

What are your favorite stores? Must have pieces?

Momma needs a new pair of shoes

First thank you for the comments on my post about balancing motherhood and life. It’s so nice to know that I’m not the only one struggling!

Now onto the important topic of the day, shoes.

Its been a long time since I’ve bought a cute new pair of shoes. I have no problem buying running shoes but when it comes to fashionable heels, boots, even causual tennis shoes and such I have a hard time justifying the expense. I feel selfish and constantly think, with that $100 I just spent on those shoes that I didn’t really need, I could have done xyz or paid xyz bill, etc.

Now that I’m doing actual classes (I’m LOVING Cardio Sculpt!) at the gym, I think I actually need a new pair of shoes. I was checking out other people’s footwear in class on Wednesday and determined that my old worn out Asics are just not going to cut it. They have a little too much bounce still and when I’m hoping over a Step, I need something that isn’t going to throw me off balance. Is it sad that I didn’t even realize there are shoes designed for just these types of activities? I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

Question is what kind? There are so many to choose from I have no idea where to start. Asic makes a few cute ones, but so does Puma. Who has a recommendation for me?

Thriftster Strikes Again

I love good deals, especially on things I need like that expensive breast pump.  I was Googling last night and saw that Burlington Coat Factory had the Medela Pump In Style Advanced for $219, normally $279.  Then I saw that if you signed up to receive emails, you got a 20% off coupon. 

Today I went to go pick up my brand new pump.  When I got to the store I found out they were also having a promotion which included free nipple cream and disposable breast pads (yes, super exciting I know).  I got the last pump and freebies!

Grand total for Medela PIS Tote, nipple cream, breast pads and tax….$190!  I saved us about $135.  It may be one of the best deals I’ve gotten ever.  It’s the little things these days. 

Is it sad that I was totally stoked about my score?  If you’re in the market for a pump, hit up Burlington.  Unfortunately the 20% doesn’t work online so you have to go to the store. It’s worth the trip if there is one nearby.