Boston Training {Weeks 1-3}

Whoa, I just wrapped up week three of Boston training and it’s been months since I posted. I completely missed blogging about Thanksgiving and the new 5k PR I set at our Turkey Trot. I missed blogging about going to the tv show Bones wrap party and getting to meet the stars of the show. (I’m so Hollywood. Ha.) I missed Christmas and New Years. I’m sure no one cares that much so we’ll just move on. Rather than go back through the details of the past three weeks, I’m just going to go over some highlights of my training thus far.

  1. Realizing I’m training for the freaking Boston Marathon. THE BOSTON MARATHON! Holy crap.
  2. This beautiful view during one of my runs in Colorado. It was an amazing eight miles at an unexpected pace considering my first run at altitude felt ridiculously difficult.15777103_10103294110233673_1644035172606486817_o
  3. Gaining a new appreciation for the treadmill. Training is off to a rough start weather-wise. The Polar Vortex took hold my first week and another round came through this week. It seems that it’s nicest mid-week then gets bitterly cold on the weekend. I’m sorry, but I’m not going outside in sub-zero temps with wind chills up to -20+. Nope. Thank you treadmills. I love you and hate you. To mix it up, I’ve been running various courses on the ‘mill or hitting random so that my inclines change periodically. After all, Boston is not flat.

Not many highlights just yet, but that’s ok. We have 99 days and a lot of training left. While I’m training hard, I’ve set only one goal for this marathon, enjoy every minute. That’s it, that’s all I want to accomplish. I’m so excited for April. Josh has even booked my post-race massage already. Yassss!

Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon Training {Um what?}

I was pumped, half marathon training was going well. I looked forward to my shorter runs and was hitting my goal pace ranges. I was killing it. WAS being the key. From my previous post you’ve seen we’ve been busy. Life and fun have gotten in the way. All the sudden it is race week. I’m feeling under-trained, over tired and surprise, surprise, sick with a nasty cold that just won’t quit.

Lately my training has consisted of one speed workout, Orangetheory and then my long run. I tried to catch-up on missed workouts, which I would never recommend because yikes, my body was not happy with me. I just decided to do what I had time for and leave it at that. Because I’ve been consistently running double digit long runs for about a year, I know that I can cover the distance. It is highly unlikely it will be my best performance.

This race is more about time with my mom. We have been planning on doing this race for about a year now. To get my mom ready, I wrote her a training plan several months ago and she’s been training hard to do her first half marathon in more than a decade. I’m really proud of her and excited to cheer her through the finish shoot! I also wrote a training plan for one of her friends, who happens to make the best almond cake I’ve ever had, who will be running too. I’m accepting payment in the form of cake, because yum. Also because they are two of my first clients as an officially certified running coach. I’m really excited to see how they both do. I’ll report back on how we all do as part of my running coach posts I have in my drafts.

The kids and I are flying to Indy at the end of next week. While I was not originally intending on bringing them, they are really excited to see their Nana, Papa, Uncle Riley and Aunt Emma. It should be a fun weekend with way too much food and a little running mixed in.


My Babies

Happy Mother’s Day


These two monkeys. They are the most beautiful, funny, sweet and challenging people I’ve ever known. Motherhood has been everything and nothing I expected. While the days can be long, the weeks, months and years fly by. There are days with tears, tantrums and time-outs (both for them and me). While these days are the most challenging, they are worth all the other days that are filled with laughter and cuddles.

I don’t know if I’m doing it right. Most days, I’m sure that I’m probably not. What I do know is that both Ella and Anderson know how much they are loved. They know that I will always be therefor them. They know that I am so proud of them and proud to be their mom.





Lake Wobegon Marathon Training {Week 14}

I had a scare this week.

No, not a pregnancy scare, a dreaded injury scare. Mid-workout at Orangetheory, just after a one minute all-out sprint, my IT band started burning. It didn’t hurt but burned like someone squirted a line of gasoline inside my leg and lit it. I stopped immediately, stretched and then tried to slowly run again. It kept burning so I got off the treadmill and moved over to the elliptical. The oh-shit, it’s close too the race looks on my friends Morgan and Ashley’s faces expressed just what I was feeling. This is not happening right? Just to be cautious, I skipped my interval run on Thursday, opting instead for a good 45 minutes of very painful foam rolling.

Confession, while I always stretch after runs, I have been severally neglecting foam rolling. Honestly, I really dislike foam rolling.  I hadn’t realized just how damn tight my IT bands had gotten. I was on the brink of tears when I finished.

I woke up very early Friday morning, with pain-free legs and decided to head to the gym for my intervals. With every interval distance I have a range of target paces. A little nervous about too much speed, I stayed at the slowest end of my range for my 800m intervals. I’m happy to report, no further burning sensation. In fact, I felt good. Little sore from Orangetheory and foam rolling, but not injury sore.

I felt good again for my run on Sunday morning, at least my legs did. I’m getting a cold again. My throat hurts, I have a headache and I’m tired. Really tired. If my sore throat doesn’t get better by Monday, I’m going to pop into Urgent Care for a strep test. Fingers crossed it’s just a silly little cold that I can kick ASAP.

13 days and counting.

Monday – 4 mile tempo (7:55 min/mile avg.)
Tuesday – 1800 yd swim
Wednesday – Orangetheory
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 7×800 @ 7:13 min/mile (7 miles @ 7:48 min/mile avg.)
Saturday – 15 mile run
Sunday – 1.5 mile walk

And since I forgot to include it in my previous training post, here’s what week 13 looked like:

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 6×1200 @ 7:08 min/mile (7.75 miles @ 7:47 min/mile avg.)
Wednesday – Orangetheory
Thursday – 7 mile tempo (7:57 min/mile avg.)
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 22 miles
Sunday – 3.05 mile cycle + 2.25 mile walk

Bolt for the Heart 5k {2015 Race Recap}

One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions since becoming a runner, is doing a Thanksgiving morning race. Regardless of where we spend the holiday, we make sure we run. This year we spent the holiday in Indiana. My mom was on top of signing up everyone who would participate, long before Thanksgiving.

We lucked out this year because the weather was beautiful. The sun was shining and I was comfortable in capris, a tank and a long sleeved shirt. Quick group picture before the start:


The night before I told Josh that I thought I’d try to start with him and just back off when I needed to. With my recent 10k time I was going to try for an average of 7:15 min/miles. He assured me he’d be running 7-7:15s. About that…

We bolted across the starting line. We weren’t even half a mile in when I told Josh to run ahead. When I crossed the first mile mark, I was shocked to see I had run a 6:55 first mile and Josh was no where in sight. There was no way I could sustain that pace, so I started pulling back.

The biggest hill, the only real hill, was on the way to the second mile. It felt big to me but I kept going, opting to not take the available water. I got through that second mile in 7:13. I was longing for that third mile and to take off my long-sleeved shirt. I was hot! The best I could do was manage to get one arm out.

Shorter distance races just kill me. I’m so horrible at pacing them. Having run the course before, I knew that I had to run all the way down the path to the street, make a hard right, then another hard right to get to the third mile mark. I hit it substantially slower that my previous two miles, at 7:31. It was a straight shot to the finish line. I picked it up as much as my body would allow to cross the finish line to a waiting Josh.

He tried to give me water, but I honestly felt like I was going to puke. After a few minutes, I felt better and was happy to see I set a new personal records by almost a minute and a half.

Official Time: 22:16         Average Pace: 7:13 min/mile

That time was good enough for second place in my age group. Josh also got second place in his age group with a blazing time of 19:xx. Once the rest of our group was ready to go, they headed home. I decided I wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather. I ran the 6.5 miles back to my mom’s house. I even managed negative splits.

Nothing like working up a sweat to get ready for the biggest meal of the year!