Party with Another Mother Runner

Last week I had an evening with some fellow mother runners that did not involve spandex, gels, or Garmins. After enjoying a yummy dinner at Ginger Hop, we walked down to Mill City Running to meet Another Mother Runner. Yep, Dimity was in town to promote the newest Another Mother Runner book.  As soon as I walked in the door I was excited. We got there slightly early so we had the pick of the shirts. I saw this one and had to have it. Lucky me, the book was just $10 extra.

Purchase in hand, off we went to fetch glasses of wine and add our contributions to the badass wall.

They said if we stick it on there is has to come true. Fingers crossed.

With good juju coming our way for adding our dreams to the wall, we made our way over to meet Dimity. I knew she was tall, but I was amazed at how short I felt. We helped represent Sarah by holding her picture up for our group photo.

She was so friendly. All I wanted to do was gush about how much I miss Colorado, but how happy I was to have found such an amazing group of women to run with. I settled for telling her I was aiming to qualify for Boston in October as she signed my book. Maybe it will bring me extra luck?

Buy cute shirt and book. Check. Drink glass of wine. Check. Meet Dimity and have my book signed. Check. I was ready to listen to the speakers and some of the essays from the book.

As I was standing there listening, I kept looking at a woman next to me. I was thinking to myself she looks so familiar and definitely looks fast. I checked out her name tag and decided to Google her. Yeah, obviously I’m not from Minnesota or I would have known she was a local Minnesotan Olympian. Carrie Tollefson shared her own running tips, struggles and personal trials and triumphs. She kept it real about not always wanting to go running and sometimes having to motivate herself by sleeping in her running clothes.As I listened to the essays being read and the stories being told by women there, I found myself laughing, nodding in agreement, sighing with empathy and on the verge of tears. I was inspired by how much these women were putting out to the world, to their fellow mother runners. It made me proud to me a member of such an amazing tribe of women.

Walking to my car and driving home, I thought about how lucky I’ve been to having running to lean on. It’s gotten me through the stress and anxiety of moving to a new state with no family or group of friends.It helped me put myself out there to meet new people and push myself to accomplish more. Even a year ago I’d never have set a goal to qualify for Boston, not believing it was ever going to be possible. Now I know I can do it and I have a group of people (other than  my family of course) providing encouragement and cheering for me every step of the way. I don’t think I would have adjusted as well if I had not found my running group. It’s amazing what running can do.

At the end of the night we were sent home with a goodie bag full of awesomeness. Too bad it didn’t include a sports bra because when I got to the gym that night, I discovered my bras were on my bed, not in my bag. I made it four miles in my regular bra, tank with a built-in bra and my t-shirt before having enough. Ouch.