Five Years Later

I remember watching the sunset over the ocean from the balcony of our bungalow in Belize and talking about what we thought we’d be doing in five years.

I remember saying that my goal was to be able to fit into my wedding dress. Shortsighted much? We had no idea where we’d really be a few years later. We thought maybe we’d have some kids, maybe we’d travel a bit, move to another state or country.

Here we are, five years later.

We haven’t made a big move and there is no way I could zip up my wedding dress right now. We have however, traveled and have two beautiful, healthy babies.

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We’ve had some sad times, some mad times, some frustrating times, but more times that have been filled with love and happiness than I could have imagined on that balcony.

I still look forward to Josh coming home at the end of the day, miss him when we have to travel apart, and am 100% sure I picked the right man to spend my life with. These past five years have been pretty amazing and I’m so blessed.

I love you Josh. Happy 5th Anniversary!

Surprise Anniversary

Our anniversary may not be until Thursday, but Josh didn’t notice. Saturday morning when I woke up at 8 (Ella actually slept until 8 after her 4 am wake-up) I smelled something delicious. Bacon. Mmm.

I picked Ella up out of her crib and as we started down the stairs Josh called up and said he needed a few minutes. Strange, but Ella and I had some morning cuddles until he told us he was ready. When we came downstairs,  I walked into the kitchen to this:

Josh had made his own edible arrangement for our ‘fruit and flower’ anniversary.

He had a huge smile on his face as he told me our Belgian waffles were just about done and that I should sit down to enjoy a mimosa.

It was a wonderful surprise and I was so impressed that he put a lot of time and effort into thinking of something special to do for our 4th anniversary. Excuse the bed head.

Man I’m lucky.

My turn now…