Three Things Thursday {Little Bit of Life}

I don’t know about you, but this time change has caused nothing but problems this week. Grumpy, emotional kids and a husband working late every day, has made for an exceptionally trying week. It hasn’t been all bad though. Here are three things that have made my week.

  1. Ella has been in ice skating lessons since the fall. She has loved it and is super excited to participate in the annual ice skating show next month. Monday we had the pre-show pictures. I still cannot get over this adorable kid.3395_10102678455635423_8306562227290657710_n
  2. Anderson has blossomed into a kid, basically overnight. I swear the minute he turned 2.5 years old, he decided he was ready to really talk. He is now talking and singing up a storm. In music class and in our early childhood class, he is answering questions and singing along loudly. When I laughed the other day and said, who are you? He just looked at me and said, “I’m AJ mommy.” Yes, yes you are.12694889_10102620219116873_3252754204973665080_o
  3. Ella is really into St. Patrick’s Day. I think it’s just because she loves holidays. I put her in charge of helping me decide on things she wants to do to celebrate. First she wanted to make leprechauns which was easy enough. Then she found rainbow cookies on Pinterest. 11313056_10102682218888833_2943611067533248874_oTwo hours later, here we are. I’m never making them again, but both kids were so excited and appreciative. It was worth it.

It’s really the little things that brighten my day and week. Training has also been awesome, so that update to come!

Almost Wordless Wednesday

A while back I decided I wanted to limit how much I put about the kids on my blog. Other than obvious privacy reasons for safety, Ella is going to be starting school and it won’t be long before she and her friends (or pseudo-friends) figure out how to Google each other.

Anyway, I had to share this picture I snapped today. It is moments like these, that make my hard days worth it. It makes me feel like we must be doing something right to have two kids that love each other, and us, this much.


My heart bursts with love and joy.

Hope for My Children

“I want to watch the news mom,” Ella casually said yesterday morning. She knew of course, that she is not allowed to watch TV during the week, but thought she’d try a new angle saying she wanted to know what the weather would be like. A clever ploy. While impressed by the approach, I could not bring myself to turn on the news, for fear she’d see the hate, violence and fearmongering that is more present than ever in our society.

I don’t advocate raising kids in a bubble, where they think the world is a beautiful, peaceful place all the time, but how do you explain the temperature of our country, our world right now? How do you explain the horrible terrorist attack in Paris, the shooting (which I consider domestic terrorism) at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs and the possible terrorist attack (domestic terrorism even if its not officially determined to be a terrorist attack) in San Bernardino? How do I explain the hateful words coming out of politicians mouths about a religion, a culture, a group of people? I don’t know.

Every night Josh and I talk about the outrageous posts we see on Facebook, the latest news clips and how we just don’t understand how people are so closed-minded. We agree that ignorance, tends to breed fear. Fear is a powerful force, a feeling that people want to avoid when possible. They want a quick solution that will make them sleep easier at night, even if it is putting others at risk. The problem is there is no quick solution. What we also agree upon is that fear is absolutely not an excuse for discrimination. By the end of the night, he usually tells me I should not be on Facebook any more because it makes me feel rage and sadness, even embarrassment in my fellow Americans.

So, instead of letting our four year old watch the news, we’re talking about how what makes us all different is what makes our country special. That for no reason should we be mean or hateful towards someone because of the color of their skin, their religion, where they live, how they speak or any disability they may have. While there are bad people within every culture, the bad people do not define an entire culture. If they don’t understand something, ask questions, read books, learn more. It’s important not to cast aside people because we’re afraid of what we don’t know.

Every day I hope that those who are shouting the loudest right now, are a minority. I’m hopeful that respect will overcome fear and hate. I hope that should our children choose to change their religious affiliation or fall in love with someone from another culture, they won’t be too afraid of the possible repercussions to live their lives.

Hope will not bring about change, it will not solve the worlds problems, but it is something I will not let go of, for my sake and my children.

The Good Things This Week

Life has been a bit hectic this week. With big changes on the horizon (I’ll get into once we things have been finalized), travel, very bad news about a friend, and general every day tasks, it’s been hard to focus on little things that make a day or a week a little bit brighter. With that, here are a few things that brightened my week:

1. I’ve been lucky enough to have a very healthy milk supply. So lucky that I have quite a surplus of frozen milk in our deep freezer. This week I took 450 ounces from my freezer stash and donated it to the Mothers Milk Bank of Colorado. With the average newborn drinking about 25 oz/day, that will feed one baby for nearly three weeks. I’m so happy that I can help families that need/want it.

2. We paid off my car, finished our taxes and signed our wills. Yes, I am a really adult even though my head tells me I’m still 21.

3. These little people. It’s so easy to get caught up in our nightly routines. With the weather getting nicer and the days lasting a bit longer, we’re trying to enjoy just playing with the kids. Of course Anderson cannot talk yet, but he can cuddle like a champ. And my Ella, oh my Ella. Her randomly saying I love you and huge hugs melt my heart in an instant.


4. Dinner with my seventh grade walking buddy. Lisa and I go way back. Like going on 18 years back. While I was in Houston for work, I got to catch up with Lisa who now lives there with her husband Mike. Business trips are always better when you have good company.

5. This guy who has reminded me not to take myself or life too seriously. Even with the added stressed lately, he makes sure that we have a good laugh.

6. Room service after a long run on the hotel treadmill.

Photo: Best thing about doing a longer run at a hotel.




Oh Daylight Savings Time…

It’s that time of year again. The time when we get an hour taken away and routines are thrown into a tailspin. Yep, Daylight Savings Time has reared it’s ugly head. Sure the whole falling back thing is great every fall, but springing ahead, that’s for the birds…or for those without children. This morning I’m feeling like this: - I'm so happy for daylight savings time... said no mother ever.

Yesterday started off well. We went to the zoo which was very exciting for Ella. Not so much for Anderson who had minimal viewing. He was more interested in chewing on his rattle anyway. I swore I’d never buy this stroller, but the one I really wanted I could not find for under $500. It worked just fine on our first use.


We enjoyed some yummy Greek food with my brother. Ella loved spending time with her Uncle Tom.

Ella and Tom

By the time we finally were able to get out of the restaurant, we headed home to hopefully get Ella down for a nap. Yeah, um, it was nearly 3pm when we arrived home and after 45 minutes of tantrums, Ella finally passed out like this in our bed.

Ella napping

Couldn’t blame her, I was exhausted too after a rough night with AJ. So I napped in her new big girl bed while Josh hung with Anderson. Oh my dear Anderson, I wish I could will you to sleep. When I woke up around 5pm, Ella was up and happily watching Mulan, a weekend treat. By the time we fed her dinner, it was already nearly 7. I went to put Anderson to bed and then the battle of bedtime began.

I’m going to say Ella won this one, because she was still talking in her room when I got in bed at 9:30. Of course as I doozed off, Anderson woke up. I swear he’s going through a growth spurt or maybe teething since he has been really enjoying biting me. Finally in bed a bit after 10, I was happy to end the day. Too bad I was up again at 12, 2, 3 and finally 4:45 am to get ready for work.

I’m dreading bedtime tonight already. On the bright side, it is going to be 70 degrees here today and it will be light out for more than a half hour after I get home from work. We may even make it to the park before dinner. I do love spring. There, ending on a positive note.

Happy Monday All.